Armenian violinist born in the city of Yereván (Armenia) in 1969, at the age of eight he began his musical studies at the “Sayát-Nová” Music School in Yereván (1978-1985) with Stella Altunyán - one of the best and most recognised violin teachers in Armenia. He continued his musical studies at the “Romanós Melikyán” Professional Education Music Institute in Yereván (1985-1989) with prestigious violin teacher Yuri Pogosyán who was the concertmaster of the National Symphony Orchestra of Armenia for many years. He subsequently continued his studies with professor Surén Hajnazaryán at the “Komitás” Conservatory Superior of Music in Yereván, where he graduated with honours (1989 - 1994) and he was awarded the qualification of orchestra artist and chamber ensemble, teacher.

He has worked as professor of the “Serenad” Chamber Orchestra of Yereván (1990 - 1993). From 1994 to 1999 he worked as professor of the National Symphony Orchestra of Armenia. In 1990 he began work as a violin teacher at the “Sayát-Nová” Music School of Yereván (1990 - 1996) and subsequently at the “Rapsodia” Professional Education Music Institute of Yereván (1996 - 1999). He continues his teaching work in Spain at the Centro Superior de Estudios Musicales “Katarina Gurska” in Madrid (2003 - 2018).

Since the year 1990 he participates as a violinist in numerous concerts and festivals in many cities of Armenia, Russia and later in Spain with different orchestras and musical ensembles. He has given recitals in different cities of Armenia and Spain, he has collaborated with the main orchestras of Madrid and has been concertmaster of the “Millenium” Chamber Orchestra at the 18th Canary Islands Music Festival in 2002.

He is currently a violin teacher at the Alfonso X el Sabio University in Madrid and works as a violin teacher of the professional and superior degree at the “Progreso Musical” Centre Superior of Music Studies in Madrid.

Parallel to his teaching activity, he is the concertmaster of the “Matritum Cantat” Orchestra of Madrid and violinist of the musical group “Antología Lírica Napolitana”.