Jose Luís González Sanchis was born in Rafelguaraf (Valencia). His parents have always encouraged him to keep in contact with music so Jose Luis started his career as musician from an early age.

He has studied in the conservatory “Mestre Vert” in Carcaixent (Valencia) and “Óscar Esplà” in Alicante where he completed his higher percussion studies with honors, the prize for the best Final Project and the Euterpe award in music area.

He has always searched for advice from his teachers to complete his education as L.H. Stevens, Nick Woud, Kevin Hathway, Gabriel Bouchet... and he completed his academic process in the percussion center "Madrid Okho".

Jose Luis has had a narrow relationship with some of the most important Spanish Orchestras so it helped him to get a high level in his professional career and met some prestigious teachers as: Mr. Jesús López Cobos, Mr. José Ramón de Encinar, Mr. Enrique García Asensio, Mr. Pinchas Steinberg, Mr. Eliahu Inbal, Mr. J. Pelivanian, Mr. Walter Weller, Mr. Carlos Kalmar…

In November 2017 he joined the RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Choir as titular percussion teacher.

He loves his profession and he considers himself a retless musician in continuos learning and evolution.

In April 2013 he made the version to the band of the Mr. Ramón García Soler Marimba Concert debut under the Mr. José R. Pascual Vilaplana direction and the Wind Philharmonia Orchestra.
Madrid Okho dúo offers him the option to investigate, goes in depth and stimulates with percussion and work in projects as volunteer with "Saniclown", "Modernidad, método y mente", "Música no escrita: el poder de la Improvisación", "Talking drum", "España nuestra música", "La era de los Materiales" (recently interpreted with the RTVE Orchestra) and "Origen". This last one "Origen" is the project that terms his latest percussion work and it was presented in Madrid on the 19th of April 2016.
Octover gives him a breath of fresh air and the posibility to create music from another perspective. On the 8th of January 2017 his group presented their first work "Puro Rock".

He balances his interpretive work with pedagogy working as a teacher in the academy "Madrid Okho Centro de Percusión" and participating in several training courses for future musicians.

Currently he is studying composition with Saül Gómez Soler.