Progreso Musical

A trajectory of more than 35 years as an approved Center for Professional and Elementary Education endorse the prestige of this Center that now makes the leap to Higher Music Education.

The Higher Musical Progress Center is born from the desire to create a Music Education Center that offers students all the tools they need in the learning process. The spirit of the education given in Progreso Musical is the incorporation of the students to the labor world as creative people and fully qualified for the performance of the positions of the highest professional category.

For this, Progreso Musical offers a varied, highly qualified and internationally prestigious faculty capable of presenting to the student community an academic model that represents different schools and interpretive forms.

In order to facilitate the incorporation of future graduates into the world of work, Progreso Musical offers direct and personalized tutoring by the Center's faculty and staff, serving as an artistic and academic orientation as well as inspiration for future professionals. To strengthen this effort in tutoring, a computer application has been developed that will keep the student directly and constantly in contact with the teaching staff.

In addition, Centro Progreso Musical provides students with the opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge learned during the period that is part of the Center, through the door in progress of interpretive and creative projects of the most diverse nature: recitals individual, chamber, large orchestral ensembles, on the one hand, and the stimulation of musical composition, direction and musical education, on the other.

Without losing sight of the rise in national cultural value, students will have the opportunity to expand their professional perspectives through the direct knowledge of the musical activity that has been developing throughout the world.
Progreso Musical

We are a Musical School full of energy, tenacity and good feelings towards the Student body, as well as towards Music itself.


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